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I've spent 2 hours looking for answer to this:

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I know the answer is in here somewhere, and I didn't want to bother you guys since it seems a pretty strict rule to not ask a question already answered, but I've been unable to find the specific instructions for hooking up my;


HDTV with 3 HDMI ports
with a Cablevision HD box

I haven't seen any posts with using an HDMI Cable... And I do not have the HD TIVO, and I know I cannot get HD with my Series 2, but just for now, I want to hook this all up-And I want the the cable from the wall to go directly into Cable box and the HDMI cable directly into the TV: This way, as Iunderstand it, I am not losing any visual with the HD picture by using splitters -- so far. So now I think I can take the coax cable from Cable box into the TIVO, and from TIVO to the HDTV. So far so good? Now, how do I get to watch live tv and record on tivo at the same time.? Many thanks for the help, and I'm sorry if I am repeating a queation:
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Scratch your plan. You really shouldn't connect the cable box to both your TV and your Tivo. The Tivo needs to have sole control over the cable box.
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