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I've given up the ghost

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Well guys, it's been a fun 8 years or so as a DirecTivo customer. I really did intend to hold out until the new HD DirecTivo's ship, but I decided over the weekend to just bail. I had D* over this morning and they installed a new Slimline-3 dish and dropped off a couple of HR-24s. MRV, so the HRs basically will work as just one big DVR.

I will say that the HR-24s are much better than the R-15. Same general look and feel, but the HR-24 is very responsive, and they have cleaned up some of the menus. I still think Tivo from 10 years ago has a better interface, but the HR-24 is workable, whereas I still feel that the R-15 really wasn't - at least, mine wasn't. SmartSearch doesn't scope the way I like, which is the Tivo way. I don't care to search by actor or keyword, while I can see the point in having just one interface to search everything, you end up with a longer list of things to go through to find the show you want. And even though it's renamed, their Series Scheduler - the old Prioritizer - is still slower and simply less easy than setting up a series on a DirecTivo

I'll still check in regularly, and I'm still very interested to see what becomes of the long-awaited HD DirecTivo. Who knows, maybe they'll offer it as a software upgrade or something.

Doubleplay does work, of course, again, Tivo's 10 year old way is better but the results are the same.
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Doubleplay does work, of course, again, Tivo's 10 year old way is better but the results are the same.
Although the newer DirecTV HD DVRs have 90-minute record buffers compared to Tivo's 30-min.
Yeah, that is nice, especially if you get caught on the phone or something for longer than 30 minutes and forget to hit "record".

I have remotes and DVRs all over the place. I have the R-15 plugged in via composite video and the remote for it is IR. The HR-24 is of course HDMI and the remote is set for RF, so I can use both DVRs on the same shelf at the same time. I have the DirecTivo with about 20 hours of movies on it, I'll plug it back in this summer to finish it off. I must have 70 hours on the R-15, it will take a while to burn all of it off.

I like the SWM setup, although I was surprised I need the SWM power whatchamacallit spliced in one outlet. I know the SWM eliminates the need for BCCs, and the HR-24 eliminates the need for DECAs, so I was hoping for just a very clean setup. No big deal on the power block, it's stashed behind a shelf.
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