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it's only Wednesday right?

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i seem, as of this mornings download, to have 2 weekends worth of terrestrial channels epg data.

i know christmas is drawing closer, could this explain it? (i don't remember exactly when the extra weeks have arrived over the years but this feels a little early)
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Yes, I think it is a little early. Weird!
The schedules from BBC/ITV are normally appearing from a Friday - but about 7 weeks before Christmas they are released 1 working day earlier a week for 5 weeks.

Then at Christmas there are no new schedules for a 14 days and all returns to normal.
just figured mid november was early though i struggle to remember last month nevermind last year
I think with TiVo one we still never had BBC/ITV filled in completely as it was 21-days ahead - not just 14.
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