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Riverdome said:
Your old S2 will kick into monthly billing automatically. It should be at the 6.95 rate but occationally you have to call and get the discount.
Am I on monthley at that point? will + be automatically signed up for a year or more contract?

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Mikeyis4dcats said:
many people have reported that they had to call and agree to a 3 yr contract for the $6.95. You'd better call if you want to pay less than $16.95.
Actually they're also reporting that when they call to cancel service on the old unit that customer retention offers $6.95 no commitment term. Where's that thread?

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The other thing you should be able to do is get the S2 on the 6.95 / month plan, and then purchase a TiVoHD at 250 (amazon) - 279 (costco) - 299 (retail) and switch the service to the TiVo HD box.

great way to get 2 addl HD tuners....

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