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it only recorded 30mins?

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...what did I do wrong? :confused:

Complete TiVo newbie here and my box currently can't download program data (see other post)

The clock is also living in 2010 or something bizzare, figure it'll correct itself (as I cant find a setting in the menus) when I get online soon.

Anyways...last night about 18:50ish I put my sky box on 103 ...I also set the sky auto change for Corry @ 19:30 for the same channel (103) .....I do this just in case the box turns itself over at any point before the program starts (have always done it).

pressed RECORD on my TiVo and went down the beach

...when we got in the TiVo had only recorded 30mins of program and then stopped itself. Missing Corry completely!!! (you can imagine the doghouse I was about to be in) fortunately the natural buffer seemed to have scooped the program so we quickly watched it.

Is this normal? I figured when you pressed record, not setting a program via the TiVO menus (cause I cant), it will simply record until its full up???

did I do something wrong?

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I am unsure about a tivo with no guide data, I thought it recorded 2 hour blocks???

When it is setup the tivo will change channels on the sky box so you don't have to do it, or set reminders.
ok cool, I'll check...

me mate thinks cause the data is screwy its divided up programmes into 1/2 hour slots, but I'll see if there is a 2hour setting anyplace

It will record until the end time for the current programme in the TiVo programme guide.

So even it it records in two hour blocks - it will only record to the end of the current two hour block - it will not start a new two hour block.
With no Guide Data, Tivo will only default to recording in 30 minute blocks starting from the moment you press 'record'.
cwaring said:
With no Guide Data, Tivo will only default to recording in 30 minute blocks starting from the moment you press 'record'.
From memory... Doesn't it do 30mins per press of record. So if you press record 5 times it would record 2.5hours? I may be completely wrong, but that nugget of info seems lodged in my memory somewhere.


verses said:
I may be completely wrong..
You are :)
cwaring said:
In that case I'll attempt to lodge another nugget of info reminding me that the first piece is rubbish.

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