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Issue with YouTube (not TV) on Tivo Stream 4K

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This problem popped up for me a few months ago, but I saw that people were having a similar issue with YoutubeTV, which I figured was related to my issue. But since then, Tivo has released an update that fixes the YouTubeTV issue, but my YouTube issue persists.

When I try to start a video on YouTube (not TV), whether it's clicking a video from the home screen or searching for one. the video will freeze after a couple of frames, and the little loading circle will pop up. This will persist indefinitely.

I tried clearing cache, and data, without any improvement.

I try deleting the app updates and that seems to restore functionality. But shortly after it updates itself, the issue comes right back.

I also factory reset the device, and that seemed to solve the issue for a few days, but then it came up again.

Anyone else experiencing issues?

I should note that my home internet is fine, and other devices including Fire TV Sticks, a Shield, and a Chromecast with Google TV all play YouTube without issue. Likewise every other app I try on my Stream 4K plays flawlessly as well.
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Perhaps a post here: TiVo Stream 4K might be better.
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