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Is wireless network the same as the wireless router for the internet?

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I am thinking about connecting my series 2 unit to a network rather than the phone line, but I am not sure if what I now have will work. I have a router that enabled my computer to connect wirelessly to the internet via my cable provider, but everything else (eg printer) is connected with wires.

Do I have a wireless network in the sense that TiVo would require? If so, then I assume all I would need would be the wireless connector for my TiVo to replace the telephone connection?

Thanks as always for your help.

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Yes.. You need Wireless adapter for your TiVo.

Wired Network would be better.
Hi Charles,
Yes, the network you described is all that is required for the Tivo wireless adapter. I would recommend the Tivo brand wireless adapter, it is the only adapter you can use that is compatible with a WPA encrypted network (if that is the protection your network is configured with). The wireless adapter is plug and play, plug it in, tell the tivo what encryption your network is using, enter your networks security key, and it should work great.

If you can plug in using a ethernet wire instead of wireless, then the configuration is even easier.
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