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Is using ‘IR Remote IN’ on a PACE V Box possible?

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we’ve recently changed to Virgin Digital and been issued with a PACE STB with the ‘Virgin Media V Box’ logo on the front. Everything’s working fine and there’s no problem with channel changing using the IR blasters, but I’ve noticed that on the back of the STB there’s a 2.5mm socket labelled ‘IR remote IN’.

Does anyone know if plugging a lead directly from the Tivo IR output to this input will work?

It says 5V DC 50mA max next to the input socket and I’m pretty certain that the box is a 4000 series.

If it was any other piece of equipment I’d just plug a lead in and see, but there’s no way I’m risking damaging our beloved Tivo. It would be pretty helpful if it did work ‘cos the IR blasters in our house have become irresistible to a pair of tiny hands. Sticking them down with tape (the blasters, not the hands) makes them even more appealing.

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Sorry but AFAIK Virgin have never enabled that function on their STB so even if the Tivo signal was compatible the Pace box would ignore it.

Unless you have any pressing need to look at it I would recommend moving the Pace box out of harms way entirely.

When our little one started moving I put everything into an IKEA cabinet with doors under the TV (Leksvik) which unfortunately seems to be discontinued. I always planned to put everything completely out of site an use a remote relay but I've never got around to it and now she's old enough to know better.
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