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Is TiVo for me?

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I am currently using Time Warner DVR and after TiVo HD was released I became interested in switching to it, especially because I can use a CableCard (I'd hate to have tivo box + cable box, already have too many boxes!).

Anyway, I am wondering what would be the benefit for me to switch. It looks like i'll just be spending more money with not a lot of return.

I watch a lot of HD so i'd need an upgraded box, which would cost me around $500. Then I'd have to pay for the TiVo subscription, which is not really cheap. I like the fact that I can program TiVo via the Internet but I'm not sure if that alone would justify for me to pay $500 to get Tivo, as opposed to keep using Time Warner DVR. I have Xbox 360 and AppleTV that can provide me with the other "extras" that Tivo would give me so that's not really helping my decision.
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Hi HDFan, and welcome to the TiVoCommunity forum!

I am sure others will chime in with more, but (call me biased) I think the TiVo interface, in general, is far superior to the interface with cable-co DVRs. My father-in-law has the HD DVR from Comcast and I absolutely hated setting up just 2 season passes for him.

And you would not be spending the kind of money you mentioned. Retail on the TiVo-HD box is $299. You would also be reducing certain cable fees (such as box rental).

The thing with TiVo, and I guess sometimes using a DVR in general, is that you often don't understand how easy it is to use and how cool it is until you sit down with it for a while. I can't say enough how easy the TiVo interface is to use over the cable DVRs.

Who knows.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do!!!
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In your situation, I wouldn't rush to buy the HD TiVo. The TiVo interface is much better (I'm assuming - my DVR is from Comcast), the TiVo guide goes for 2 weeks instead of one, the searching is much better, you can program from the internet, you can get the TiVocast shows, but IMHO that is still not enough to spring for the TiVo, especially since at this point, you can't download the shows to your computer or iPod (or to a second TiVo if you had one), and you have your AppleTV and your Xbox.

And in response to jlb, if you use any of the free OnDemand features of your current cable box a lot, you will not find any replacement for most of those without the cable box, so your reduced cable company bill will be accompanied by loss of some service features. (If you spend money on Pay Per View movies, the Amazon Unbox could replace that on your TiVo).

(I have two Series 2 TiVos and a Comcast HD DVR, so I'm not anti-TiVo, in case you are wondering. I just don't think the HD TiVos are worth it, certainly at this point)
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Certainly just the ability to program the TiVo from the internet wouldn't be a sufficient reason for me to spring for TiVo. How often are you going to want to do that?
I've always said to my friends and family for the past 8 years, if you LOVE tv, you deserve to buy yourself a Tivo.

I've had a series 1 for a long time and the sub $300 for the Tivo HD let me take the plunge for the newest box.

Using the HD Cable Box DVR has been brutal for the past 4 years.

I have the new Tivo HD hooked up with an Over the Air Antenna, and its freaking great. I've kept my Cable DVR for now becuase it gives me 4 tuners :) , but I plan on eventually upgrading my hard drive and weaning myself of of 4 tuners someday.

It is indeed a quasi-glutunous purchase (the numbers will generally always favor the cable company because of the box outlay), but if you LOVE TV, and if you have some disposable income you owe it to yourself to get a Tivo.

There is no comparison.
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