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I recently had a hard drive fail on one of my DVR40's running 6.2a. After zippering my new replacement drive I put the old drive into a spare HDVR2 and attempted to mrv some of my programs onto my new drive. At some point it froze up because of the failing hard drive and several programs that had been qued up to transfer did not get transferred. Now I can not get the tivo with the failing hard drive to even boot up and unfortunately the DVR40 is still trying to transfer some programs from it and I am not able to MRV from my other functional Tivo. It says it will add the program to the todo list and transfer when the other transfers are complete but of course there is nothing being transferred. I tried uninstalling the zipper which did not solve the problem. I am considering reimaging at this point but hoping that somebody here might offer an easier solution.
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