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Is there a way to tell if a program is filmed in SD to conserve space?

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Hi all,
I just upgraded my Series 3 to a Premiere XL. So far, I am happy. Ever since upgrading my Series 2, I have wondered: 1) Is there a way to tell the tivo to record in HD if available? and 2) Is there a way to know if a program is actually filmed in HD? I would hate to record something off a high def channel that is not actually HD, when I could save space by selecting the SD version of that channel?

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There's an "HD" flag that shows in the guide, but it's not entirely reliable (some HD shows don't have it, and a few SD shows do). You can specify it in Wishlists by choosing Category > HD. To make it a preference, create two WLs, one with the flag and one without, with the flagged one having higher priority.

I used to do all that, but now I just take the SD channels out of the guide. Most shows are in HD now anyway.
With a premiere XL you'll be hard pressed to fill it up, even with HD, so I wouldn't worry about it. 1TB = ~140 hours of HD programming, that's almost 6 days of TV if you watched non-stop. So unless you plan to keep entire seasons of shows space will never really be an issue. Plus if you really are pressed for space you can always pick up one of those DVR Expander drives for ~$120 and double your space to 280 hours of programming.

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