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Every so often my Roamio fails to record from the Tennis Channel.

It's the only channel that gives me this problem; never missed a recording on any other channel. But that might be due the time of day and the frequency of recording.

I have a Cox tech coming to take a look.

I can show him or her the "To Do" history where it lists missed shows due to "Not authorized" or "No signal" but that gives no other technical details (e.g. what was the actual signal level, or what messages came back from the TA when tuning was attempted).

Is there a diagnostics screen I can show the tech that might provide more details when a recording fails or is skipped because of no signal or "not authorized"?
Since you know the frequency of the Tennis channel, you might be able to find other channels on that frequency. It could be a tedious chore, but I believe there is a signal diagnostic that shows the channel & frequency. I might have that wrong, but there is a cable signal diagnostic, which if I remember, also kills all recording and buffering. If you do find the channel, I would use the To Do List, then go to the guide and make another recording at the same time. See if both fail. Or neither. It beats doing nothing. I mapped all my SD, HD and Premium channels one time to see how much sharing was being done. It made me sick.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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