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Is there a device besides TiVo that can stream like pytivo

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What device besides TiVo could I get that will stream HD files from my pc to my TV. I have a Roku that i love but streaming isn't supported.
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Any device with a media server client built in, my blu-ray player has one and so does my Xbox 360. I hear good things about Popcorn Hour.

Here is a list of devices from wikipedia:
I use a WDTV Plus for exactly this use because its fully compatible with the same mp4 files I create for tivo. Also streams mpeg2 files transferred from tivo but not hd ones due to bandwidth limitations on our wireless network. All video stored on our server is in mp4 format so it works very well.
I hear good things about the WDTV too - although it doesn't seem to be in the mainstream discussion like the Roku or Boxee for some reason.

In my basement, I really love my PS3 for this purpose. In a recent update, it finally got the ability to stream MP4 with AC3 audio like I have been creating for my tivo. That and all of its other features (web browser, youtube, vudu, etc) add up to a great combination. Plus it plays games and blu ray discs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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