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Thought I would post to this thread instead of a new one.

I have an HR10-250 with POTS, and no DSL. Nothing on the lines except for just plain phones and the one TiVo.

In November 2005 I started noticing failed call attempts, then it made its last succesful call December 2 2005. I unplugged the phone line, as I have no local numbers and phone company bills by the minute......all the attempetned calls were eating my pool of long distance minutes.

Fast forward to yesterday tried to force call in, TiVo goes through "housekeeping","dialing", "connecting" and fails there while "negotiating". I can pick up extension line, and hear the TiVo dialing and hear the modem tones from TiVo, and what sounds like modem tones from the answering number, but communication is never established.

I have had no experience with modem failure to know the signs......does this sound like a modem or could it be anything else?? What are some steps to trouble shoot??

Thanks TiVo'ers.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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