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Several years ago, the modem in my Tivo fried out. HDR312 Series 1

I tried several things to get it to work correctly. Tivo said it had to be a lightning storm (although no lighting storm was around my house anywhere near when it stopped working???) and I was already out of warranty by a few months.

I still to this day believe the culprit was a bad update Tivo sent out that fried many many modems. Several people reported the same problem when this occurred when I found the Tivo forums around that time.

I ended up doing the "hack" thing with a serial cable and reprogrammed my Tivo to work through my Windows 98SE machine to get updates. (no modem)

Then Tivo took that ability away with the next few subsequent updates.

But they did allow the user to force the Tivo to communicate over the serial port with modem commands. So by purchasing a fairly cheap ($15 on Ebay) used external modem, I was able to get the Tivo to do its normal updates through this modem.

It has been this way for a couple/three years now and works fine, no problems at all.

But just yesterday I decided to get a new Series 2 Tivo for $16.95 a month... considering I was already paying $12.95 a month for the service with my series 1 Tivo... couldn't pass up the opportunity to upgrade for only $4 more a month.

Anyway, if your modem continues to have problems, getting the external modem might be the only solution that will work for you. Unless you have a series 2 Tivo already and can do the usb/ethernet network to your computer?

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