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Is my h10-250 dying? Audio Problem

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Since last week I have been having audio problems with my H10. I have been losing sound on my OTA HD channels. I have recordings that have no sound and when watching live TV sometimes the commercials will have no sound and then about 5 seconds into the program it comes back on. If I check the SD channel there are no sound issues and there are also no sound issues on the HD channels I receive from DTV, just the OTA channels. Any idea on how fix this is my unit about to die?

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First, verify the DD settings on your HR10. Some outputs could be muted during true 5.1 broadcasts under some settings.

Audio is embedded in the video for digital transmissions (both OTA and DVB) so if there is a problem with just audio, it has to be after decoding takes place, making it more likely not a HR10 failure.
When mine died I had audio problems with all programs. Most occurred going in and out of Digital audio. Eventually, the video started stuttering. The first time, I did a clear and delete and all was well, the 2nd time I had to replace the HDD, the 3rd time I had to replace the power supply.
Thanks for the ideas. I checked the DD settings and they seem to be correct. Could it be the ATSC tuner? I am thinking I might just see if I can get a cheap h20 and get the new channels next week. This really stinks because I don't want to give up the Tivo software
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