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Actually, there's an enormous amount of HD content available - almost all movies made since the conversion in the 50's to 16:9 can be transmitted as HD with an excellent PQ. We just watched Midnight Run which was filmed in 1988 on HD and it looked excellent - far better than the same movie on SD.

The problem has to do with the NAB and the cabal of small time operators who control NAB policy. These guys don't want to give up their current bandwidth and buy expensive new equipment.

If you want to see HDTV expand, write your representative in D.C. and tell them that February 2009 for the all digital conversion is way too long. Attend one of their campaign functions this fall (mid term elections) and ask why they support giving billions of $ worth of bandwidth to a bunch of snake oil salesmen and bible thumpers.

Get rid of the small local TV broadcasters and you'll have very high quality HD all over the country.
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