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HiDefGator said:
I think what most people don't realize when they upgrade to HD is that sports, discovery channel shows, and prime time network shows are all that's made with HD cameras today.

If one or more of those things isn't important enough to you to pay $11 a month to record in HD than yes the HD package is a rip off.

I personally love all three in HD and can't imagine going back to SD for any of them. The HD picture quality is addictive. If they converted more channels to HD what would be the point? Few of the other channels on the dial have any HD content today. Starz might be nice but movies aren't filmed with HD cameras yet so watching one in HD is only slightly better than watching it in SD.

Where DirecTV saves you money is when you want multiple SD and HD DVR's in your house. Try pricing that at your local cable company for a monthly bill. Last but not least my local cable company still supplies the vast majority of the channels in analog. And poor signal quality analog at that.
First, I cannot believe that I would agree with someone with the name "Gator"!

But I do agree, and would like to add my $.02 Would I like more HD channels, of course, proportionally, is the $11 worth an additional 5 channels when you get over 100 for $29-$39, probably not. Are we subsidizing D* with the fee, of course. However, I think it is fairly priced at the moment for the following reasons:

1. HD is like flying first class, once you have done it, you don't really want to go back. D* of course is targeting the sports fan through their HD choices, which is fine with me, and if you are a sports fan, the $11 is clearly worth it. However, my wife loves watching much of the other non-sports programming on HD; I tend to think there is enough variety to be satisfactory.

2. If we watch one evenings worth of shows or a movie in HD (that we likely would not watch in SD), instead of going out, we have saved money. If we simply went to the movies, that would be $14, add dinner, that is another $20-$30. I can tell you that having sports and movies/shows on HD has kept us at home at least 3 or 4 nights a month on average; well worth the $11.

I sometimes think people look at cable/satellite pricing as a comparison against the standard cost or base cost and then place a value on incremental services based on that base cost (I know I often do). Nobody wants to get nickled and dimed to death, but I think in the case of HD, the value is certainly there for me.
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