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flmgrip said:
luckily there are guys like me who are willing to pay the $11.- a months now.

if everyone would have the sentiment of "i wait until it gets cheap or free" a lot of things would be moving slower. show your interest now and things will move faster.

and for the D* HD package. you will have at least 3 months for free to see if you like it or not. some complain, i love it. but that's because of my taste of programming. i love disc.HD, lots of really great programming. HDnet has good stuff, concerts etc., there is some good movies too. but if you don't like sports, movies from 3 years ago or discovery, there is no reason to get the HD package, but the HD tivo still might be worthwhile to you if you like to watch shows like lost, my name is earl and many more which are broadcast in HD too...

i have no regrets, but i think the tivo (instead of just the receiver) is crucial. because you can search for HD shows you like and record them and then watch them. you won't be bound to their schedule.
I have to agree and you left out "24".
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