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HiDefGator said:
Do you think DirecTV might have been just being nice and not dissing Tivo because they need to continue working with them for the forseeable future?

I can see the head-on competition now, "Do you want the DirecTivo box that hasn't had the software updated in 2 years for $100 plus a monthly fee or would you like our box for free?"

Maybe 1 out of every hundred people might get the DirecTivo. Maybe less. Either way the revenue stream headed to Tivo from DirecTV's checkbook is going to start dropping.
I wonder how much longer you will be able to get a new directivo after the launch of the directpvr. This may up the value of "used" units kicking around on ebay. I know I will have a couple in the closet for "spares" until I find something better, or am forced to switch.
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