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is a swm 3 dish compatible with a s4080r dvr

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I purchased a used s4080r and it says it has signal on the odd transponders but not all of the even. When it gets to the setup confirmation screen it says cannot detect a signal. The people at direct tv are no help every person i have talked to says something different. I have a d12 receiver in this room right now and it works perfectly so i know its not a connection or signal issue. There are two lines for sat inputs on the dvr so i stole the one out of the next room that had a line going to it but no receiver(we took the receiver for the camper). We have a one by eight multiswitch. A hd dvr in the living room that works fine and another hd reciever that works fine. Any ideas would be helpful because direct tv is of no help. The last person i spoke to actually got an attitude with me and told me there has to b something wrong with my receiver internally and its confusing itself into thinking its getting a signal when its really not. That doesnt make sense to me if it wasnt getting signal it wouldnt get signal and it wouldnt think that it was. If there is something wrong with this dvr its no big deal i only paid $35 for it but i would really love to enjoy the luxury of a dvr in my bed room
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No, it is not. See my reply to your post in the Help section
so is a 18 inch dual lnb dish compatible with a samsung s4080r dvr
Yes, that would be fine, with the understanding that the handful of SD channels on the 110 satellite would not come in.
stevel meant the 119º satellite. There are a few SD channels beamed from that satellite, but mostly just local stations for a few cities and the Spanish Package channels. There's nothing much beamed from 110º anymore.
Indeed - thanks for the correction.
So what dish would you guys recomend i get?
So what dish would you guys recomend i get?
What channels do you want to get? The simplest would be an 18" round DirecTV dish. That dish receivers all of the SD channels beamed from the main 101ºW satellite.
Given that this is a SD, non-MPEG4 box, anything more than an 18" dish is wasted. I don't think it has the ability to switch to satellites other than 101. However, you'll need to change it if in the future you get newer box that wants to see additional satellites.
Ya its just an sd reciever
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