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IR Script problems

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Well it was all my fault, I had my S1 Tivo all setup to use my GS2 box, and I went to try another box and lost where I put the codes. So I started over using the OzTivo guide, got a nice loadcode.tcl and went to execute. What I get is db open errors.

Not sure where to go from here (is anybody still thinking S1 boxes?)

I use the S1 to cover as second unit when two shows conflict on non-digital chans.

One thought is there any way to get TIVO to use cable input directly without STB?

Lots of thoughts

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You can redo guided setup to use cable directly.

If you need analog cable, you can use your providers box, instead of a pirate box like the GS2 seems to be.
Thanks for the input, my objective was to just use any box to get standard cable, the GS2 was just handy. Our system is digital cable and the box rental is a waste to pick up one or two shows a week using an old S1 tivo I had laying around but had a lifetime subcription on it.

Your suggestion implies that TIVO S1 can work with Cable Channels directly, I did not know that (In fact I thought if requited a cable box to get the cable stuff).

Have tou used a S1 to get Cable chanels before ?
No, I just know it can.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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