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Forgive me if I've posted in the wrong place....I'm new here.....
We have a motorhome, well equipped, but the 'entertainment center' area is a little cramped. The Tivo (DirecTv R15) is located in a position that is blocked by the bottom of the cabinet door (wire mesh with wood frame) and doesn't function well without opening, and leaving open, the cabinet door - bummer. I've tried a mirror, and a couple of other things with no good result. I thought of maybe using a short length of fiber optic cable, but don't know if it's worth even trying. Don't want to 'jack up' the box unless absoutely necessary. Surely someone has had this problem and arrived at some decent solution without having to leave the door open with the inevitable bumped head.
Any suggestions out there?
Anything helpful would be greatly appreciated.

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The R15 isn't a TiVo. The R10 is the last DirecTV TiVo DVR.

You can try remote extender devices. Or you can modify the cabinet door to allow IR through, if not relocate the DVR to where it can see the IR signal.

If you want to get "into it" literally, you can add an IR extension jack to the DVR, in paralell with its built in IR receiver, where you can plug in an external IR receiver, if you are not leasing that DVR though.
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