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IR Protocol used by TiVo Remotes

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Does anyone know what type of protocol is used by the TiVo remote control (Standalone, series 2)?

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I believe it is a modified NEC protocol.
well I guess I can use that as a starting place. Thanks
I don't know what you're using it for, but a great way to understand the remote codes is to download the Philips Pronto codes for the device in question and one of the utilities to dump the codes; both available at remotecentral.com.
Thanks I'll check that out.

FYI, I have a new computer hooked up in my AV system next to my TiVo and I'm trying to control it and my TiVo with the same remote (i.e. the TiVo Remote). The hardware supports RC5 and NEC protocols but I'm not sure about anything else. So I was trying to find out what protocol the TiVo remote uses in order to see if what I wanted to do would work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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