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Hello Everyone-

I'm sorry if I'm posting on an issue already solved but- I'm having problems and don't want to wade through the forum to find an answer just yet. so Anyway- here are my problems.

1. Just bought an Olevia HD LCD and I can't get my Tivo remote to work for turning it off/adjuting the volume. I've tried the Syntax codes (company that makes Olevia TVs from what I can gather off the internets), no luck. I've tried the phillips codes a forum post suggested, but that didn't work. Olevia isn't an option on the tivo set up and I tried the atuo search to no avial. Anyone else have this problem and no how to fix it?

2. When I first got my tivo it worked great. Then I got satalite, and it still worked great. I could change channels and everything. It was a little slow but I dealt with it. Then I moved and my tivo stopped being able to change the channels on my dish box. I've tried different ir blasters, i've tried moving the ir blasters around, i tried different codes but still nothing. I'm about to try reseting my system and seting it up from scratch again to see if this can help in some way. I can only hope that my tivo isn't broken. that would be a tremendous loss for me .....

so- These are my two problems- if anyone would be willing to throw their two cents into the conversation it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.


Mike Jett
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