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IR Blasters not blasting... help!

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I've had TiVo for about 3 months now. Everything was up and running fine, changing channels on my motorola cable box with the IR blasters. A few weeks ago the channels stopped changing completely. I had no idea what was wrong, so I reset the DVR for good measure. It fixed the problem, everything was working again. 2 days ago, the same problem occurred, only now, there's no fixing it!

I know the remote code is good, it was working fine before. I tried many others to be sure. My cable box works with the cable remote.

Upon the digital camera test, every remote in the living room works except the TiVo blasters. Ugh.

So, 45 minutes of hold time with Tivo rep, then another 30 minutes being 'guided' through guided setup, and they decide to send me new IR cables. I'm really not convinced, but I guess we'll find out in 5-7 business days.

Does anyone know a good way to check and see if the TiVo is sending a signal to the IR blasters? I'm worried the problem is with the DVR and not the cables...
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So you didn't see the IR emitter work in the camera viewfinder?
What model TiVo is it? Does another restart fix it?

Using the front panel buttons to bring up the guide, change the channel and see if the emitter sends a signal.
Correct- nothing at all from the blasters.

I tried another few resets, both soft and hard, to no avail.

It's a series 2 80 hour, not a dual tuner model. I don't think it has any control buttons on the front.
IR emitters cables can go bad. See if the replacements work and get back to us.
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