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iPhoto problems

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Ongoing frustrating problem getting my iPhoto Library to show on my TIVO. Background: Brand new iMAC, latest version of iPhoto (9.1.1) and latest version of the operating system (10.6.6) TIVO Premier XL with Netgear wireless router. Lengthy conversations with TIVO tech support, Apple tech support, and Netgear tech support...all to no avail. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the TIVO Desktop widget several times. Important to note that ALL other aspects of my TIVO/Computer/Wireless Network work perfectly (eg Netflix, Picasa etc.) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Are your iMac, and Tivo on the same subnet? have you checked any firewall setting on the iMac?

I have all our tivo's able to view our iPhoto libraries, and iTunes libraries, with no issue. so it is probably just a simple issue/setting within your LAN.
I have zero technical knowledge so don't know if my TIVO and my iMac are on the same subnet. That's why I've had to rely so heavily on all the technical support folks. However I don't think this is a "subnet" issue since my TIVO and my computer communicate perfectly in every way (i.e. Netflix streaming and Picasa service). The only thing not working is iPhoto and TIVO. Firewall issues have been addressed by both TIVO tech folks and Apple tech folks. Settings are per their recommendations.
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