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iPad app bugs

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Has anyone noticed the following on the TiVo iPad app?:

I come upon a show I have never scheduled to record. It doesn't state it will record on its info window, isn't marked as to be recorded on the Upcoming popup list, nor does it show up on the Manage Shows (To Do) list. HOWEVER, if I choose to record it, I can't, because the Record button along the left side gives me just one option--Get Season Pass--and there is a Don't Record button, as if it WERE to be recorded. My only recourse is to choose Don't Record, confirm cancelation, and re-record, which will then actually put it on the To Do list and mark it as to be recorded on both its info window and the Upcoming popup list.

In a relatedness piece of weirdness, after choosing shows to record, they sometimes (rarely) do not populate the To Do list, and i have to re-record them. I routinely check it to make sure shows are scheduled, but I don't know if these two anomalies are related.
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Also: Has anyone noticed that recording a show does NOT result in that program gaining a Thumbs Up? A nice automatic feature that helps Suggestions, and let's one know if one's ever recorded a particular show in the past, yet it doesn't occur when recording shows via the app.
Mine flat out doesn't work. It detects it on the network and lets me enter the media access key, but then it keeps saying that the TiVo needs to be restarted.

If I try to login through my TiVo.com account, it says that I need a TiVo Premiere (which I have...).
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