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Well, another iOS app problem - once in a while, a download fails and gets stuck in a non-correctable state. Can't resume it; can't delete it.

I have a download right now that is at 99.2%, with 12 sec left, marked with an error icon - a red exclamation mark inside a red circle - with the text "Download failed. Tap the icon to retry."

Tap it - it "resumes" for a moment, then re-enters the same error state.

Try to delete it - the only way I know how to delete a download is to tap the program name to get the full screen of thumbnails and the play button, and then tap the "X Delete" button. But if I try to open one of these failed recordings, all I get is a mostly blank screen. It only shows "< TiVo" at the top left and Q (for Search) at the top right, and has the regular tabs along the bottom, but nothing else I can see or do. No Delete button.

The Downloads list doesn't have an Edit feature, unlike all the other lists, so I can't tap Edit and then select a program or set of programs to remove directly right from the list.

I can start a second download of the failed program, but this doesn't overwrite the bad one - it just starts a second copy. The bad one just stays in place.

It looks to me like this is yet another case where I need to fully delete the TiVo app and all its data to clear this out.

And it's another case where I have more content downloaded than usual - around 13 programs.

Has anyone who has seen this found a good solution?

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