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Invasion - 1/18 - "power" *spoilers*

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Well, since I didn't post in the previous week's episode, I'm finally getting a chance on two episodes...

So, just some random thoughts, in no particular order...

Who, exactly, has the power, from this ep's title? We all know the Sheriff *thinks* he has the power, but in the flashback from a previous ep, Christina (who killed her mother in law, among others), knows more than our anti-leader, the Sheriff. I was really hoping she'd stay behind bars and we'd learn more and more about her, who has been the most intriguing character so far, but she immediately gets thrown to the wolves (or should I say, alien devil rays?) and washes ashore to the "alien work camp" a changed person. So much for her giving us more tidbits.

We get random, mysterious, phone calls, with someone upset with the sheriff (I'm guessing).

Our trusty, one-armed deputy has vanished into the night, and haven't seen him for an episode.

We're led to presume the guys who beat up our Park Ranger Hero are on the sheriff's staff. Most likely aliens from the work camp.

Why is Mariel fighting the change? How is she fighting the change? What makes her so special from the rest?

We find out Kiera's boy toy has washed ashore to the work camp as well... might as well be called "Hybrids Gone Bad"... and they're mounting a traning camp for a mighty war (taking a nice cue from LOST).

I like the episodes going into different directions, never knowing what will happen next, but to find out who's in charge would be nice, and for the Sheriff to have a little humility would be a nice change of pace (possibly upcoming episodes).

Anyone have any ideas who watched this? Please chime in for discussion, not haters saying "stupid show, glad I deleted the sp"... do that in an invasion haters 'r us thread :)

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