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Internet & New DirecTivo

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We have been anxiously awaiting the new Tivo with Direct TV & am pretty disappointed with what I have been reading.

We have had our Tivo for years on a lifetime agreement and were going to pull the switch on a new one and a new TV when the new Tivo came out.

So I understand some of the cool new Tivo features are not offered on the Direct TV version including the internet functionality and working with NetFlix and Amazon, etc. :(

We're trying to hold on here as we love the Tivo interface, but are not sure if we need to bale :( and go with the DirectTV DVR.

If we buy a television with internet capability can we use Tivo to record what we order directly? I am not sure how that would interact. Is this new Tivo just a season pass manager and not much else?

DirectTV marketing is clearly trying to get people to choose their DVR. It makes it seem like a no brainer decision. But once you've gone Tivo...well you know.

Obviously, I'm not an expert. I love my Tivo and don't want to give it up if the Direct TV DVR interface is clumsy.

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No, you cannot record from the TV. The new TiVo is pretty much an HR10 with the newer HD capability, which is what many people said they wanted. Many of the networking features of the HR2X series are missing too.

Opinions will differ on the UI. I have both an HR10 and HR21 (with the new HD UI) and I don't find the HR21 clumsy - it's mainly what you get used to.

But you're not going to get Amazon and Netflix on an HR2x box either.
The real reasons to go with an HR2x are whole-home DVR capability and it is cheaper than the new DirecTivo. The interface is a bit clunky IMHO on the HR2x, even with the pretty new HD interface. The question is, is Tivo's interface worth $5 more per month, given it is lacking the whole-home capability? Probably not. If whole-home was there, perhaps.

I have an Internet-connected TV that I use for Netflix, Pandora, etc. And I just got the new DirecTV TiVo and connected it to the Internet so I can use the DirecTV On Demand (I'm pleased with the on demand offerings; honestly the main problem is that there are so many shows to choose from it's hard to navigate and figure out what you want to watch).

In my opinion, the two Internet connectivity elements complement each other very well. I don't know what else I could want. I get the movies from Netflix via the TV, and the TV shows from DirecTV on Demand.

Also, the picture quality from the DirecTivo is excellent, and the interface is as pleasant to use as ever... plus the Wishlist searches have gotten smarter since my old DirecTivo was minted eight years ago (happy I was able to hold out and never had to use a generic DirecTV DVR in between).

I was also impressed that with this new receiver, when you schedule something via the DirecTV Scheduler app on your phone, if the TiVo can't find the program right away it saves it to the bottom of the To Do list anyway... and then once the program shows up in the program guide, it adds it to the To Do list like a regular recording. With the old DirecTivo, if a DirecTV Scheduler recording failed, it just failed.
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