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Netflix & Amazon Prime will take up to a full minute (I timed it) to load their respective home pages on a 4 tuner OTA only (cheap plastic case model 846) Roamio. I've noticed this in the last year or so. It was always on the slow side, but not like this. Once in either application, all appears somewhat normal as does any program/movie I'm watching.

Also, when exiting out of either application, there is another delay (not as long) to return to the 'My Shows' page where the recordings are. It seems just as the thing is chocking, switching modes.

Once back all is ok otherwise in either direction. Using the same two Internet applications of the Samsung TV, there is a huge time difference between the two devices doing the same thing. Before anyone asks, my broadband is FiOS 200 Meg.

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I have a Roamio OTA and a Dishnetwork Hopper3. Streaming via apps on either is the same. Takes forever to load and unload. (Along with other issues)
I also have an Amazon firestick whose app is arguably better, but still not great.

I've given up on embedded apps. I stream in a web browser on a PC with an hdmi connection to my TV.
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