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Most CSRs aren't going to know anything more than what's on their script - certainly none of them are going to know the details on the DirecTV-Tivo discussions.

Even if Tivo wanted to double the fee (doubtful), DirecTV announced plans to scale back Tivo intrgration 18+ months before the contract was up (the existing contract and terms expire next February).

And, even if DTV paid double what they pay to Tivo, that would be around $2.50 per household/per month, most of which they've already gotten subs to pay for since the DVR fee went up $1.

I also find it hard to believe that the incremental cost of staying with Tivo, getting improvements in their solid, proven platform is significantly more (if at all) then the expense and risk of developing a new platform.

Take whatever you hear from a CSR with the largest (e.g. boulder size) grain of salt you can find ...
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