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There's a thread in the Tivo HD forum.. something about NFLST folding HD broadcasts back into the standard ST cost, and not charging premium for it. THat would leave the added content stuff as the "pay for it if you want it" thing. THAT, for my money is a good thing, especially if they have the bandwidth to do so....

I know I got a flyer from DTV saying the addon price to NFLST was dropping to $49 next year anyway, so that helps as well, but if HD comes back to the standard package, I really don't care about the "RED" channel and all that.

The other interesting note in there was that perhaps, even if you aren't in a DMA that will get LiL HD pretty quickly ( Something about the top 36 markets sticks in my head for going live by end of 2006) if you subscribe to NFLST, you may get upgraded early. I'm in DMA 52, so I wouldn't mind getting things worked out early.

Something I did notice....NFLST HD is good, but it's no where near of all things last week's ABC OTA broadcast. Now THAT was an example of HD at it's finest. Very nice! Maybe, just maybe the Mpeg4 stuff will allow DTV to ship that kind of quality through the satellites!
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