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Interesting Article on Big Brother Logistics (no spoilers)

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I didn't realize that they aren't in a house anymore, but just in a soundstage, with a hole cut in the roof for the backyard.

By Gail Pennington

LOS ANGELES — We are not blindfolded, but we might as well be. Jammed into a van, six TV critics dressed in black are heading toward points unknown. Our destination: the "Big Brother" house.

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Although it has always been on the lot, in the early years, the "Big Brother" house was actually a house...
Good article, but I gotta disagree with that. I remember one show segment in the first season that took us on an inside tour of the earlier "house". It wasn't a real house by any stretch of the imagination, unless you know of houses that have hidden passageways behind the interior walls with cameras focusing through multiple two-way mirrors. That's the "camera cross" they talk about in the article and the first house had one too.

The old house, like the BB houses in other countries, was built specifically for the show. The new house is just a bigger and better version.

That aside, it was an interesting article. I wish they would do a tour of the new house for us viewers too. I like to see the behind the scenes stuff.
i think tvguide once did a behind the scenes on it. I know they definitely did survivor as I remember watching that one and was amazed that there are like 20 people all around the contestants, hardly isolated.

what was this about:
In other words, no more snacks thrown over the walls, as happened during the first season
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