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The only thing I found on the InstantCake CD that looks like an image is simply labeled 000001. No file extention. WINMFS expects a TBK file extention. Is it simply a matter of adding that extention to the 000001 file? Does WINMFS support a 1 TB size disk? Has anyone actually tried using the InstantCake image with WINMFS?

UPDATE: Tried using the image file from InstantCake but WINMFS says that it is not a valid image file. Anyone out there with real world experience in this area?
As far as I know, backup images made with the MFS Live cd can only be restored with that same program, and WinMFS, even though from the same guy, can only handle the backup images it makes, and the Instant Cake stuff needs the program on the PVRupgrade or DVRupgrade discs, and you can't mix and match except for doing an S1 restore with MFS and then changing out the cd to run copykern from the PVRupgrade cd after mounting it.

I think the PVRupgrade cd has an old version of MFS tools on it, but I wouldn't count on it being compatible with the MFS Live cd.

You're talking about running Instant Cake on what will be the Tivo's internal drive, but using a SATA to USB adapter to connect it to the computer instead of connecting it directly to the motherboard, right?

As long as IC will let you install to /dev/sd"whatever", I'd think you can do it, just be sure to specify the correct /dev/sdX so as to not overwrite your computer's own hard drive (which is probably /dev/sda if it isn't /dev/hda, but that's not guaranteed).

Boot from the IC cd without any external drives connected, then use Shift+PageUp to go back through the boot messages to see what your computer's drive gets called, then issue the shutdown command.

Then do it again with the TiVo-drive-to-be connected as well, and use the Shift+PageUp trick to see what both drives are called, making sure that the computer's drive is called the same as before, and then run IC specifying the other drive, the externally connnected one.

Or better yet, undo a couple of screws, take the case cover off, and disconnect the SATA or PATA lead to your computer's drive and then run IC with only the external drive connected (and your cd or dvd drive still connected, of course).

If, on the other hand, you want to backup the original TiVo drive and then restore from that to the drive that's going to replace it, you can skip IC completely and use WinMFS or the MFS Live cd.
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