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install supplies correct?

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about ready to do the 150 ft trenching, but wanted to be sure i've got the correct supplies. we'll be laying 2 or 3 double lines encased in conduit. advice on a crimper & cutter are welcome. weblinks also welcome with your alternatives for any of this.

rg6 cable:


compression f connectors:


thanks all,
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Well, the web page for the connectors says you must use a particular compression tool. The one I use I bought from Cyberguys, but they don't have it anymore. The one they do have I would not buy. For cutting I use an inexpensive "coaxial cutter" from RadioShack and I also use their RG6 stripping tool.

I also have a DataShark compression tool but don't like it - it engages only one edge of the compression ring. It might be ok if the ring is metal, as DataShark's are, but not for plastic.
rb5505, I see you took my advice to post here. :)

Anyway, I used the non Quad RG6 version of these compression fittings. http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=44578-12704-89-056&lpage=none
Lowe's didn't have a link for those. Another link.
(cheaper at Lowe's)

The Ideal compression tool is inexpensive and works very well.
or http://www.wassco.com/id30eccoto.html
(cheaper at Lowe's)

For stripping the cable I used this.
Except it was a lot cheaper at Lowe's.

I guess if you have a Lowe's nearby, check these out.

And, I don't have stock in Lowe's. :D
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