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Instacake upgraded HR10-250 lost authorization

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Please help. Last fall I purchased a used HR10-250 missing the hard drive. Loaded a new Hitachi 500GB hard drive with Instacake, network capable and checked no for allow updates. Contacted DTv and they sent me an access card. The system has worked great until a recent power outage when it re-booted, now getting error "call customer service, ext. 726". First contacted DTv Jan 29'th and they said that they are working on it, should take 3-5 days. Now DirecTv claims that since there are dozens of receivers with ID=0429 4967 2952 they can't turn me back on. Does this mean that all HR10-250s loaded through Instacake are doomed??? They also say since I modified the unit they cannot give me any credit toward an new DVR, not even TIVO. This sounds like the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, total hogwash! Anyone else ever have this problem? Thanks, Jeff.
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Try a Clear and Delete Everything and see if that helps. The Receiver ID is in hardware so I don't understand what you're hearing from DTV.
I have a hacked HR10-250 created with InstantCake.

About 9 months after I did the upgrade, it lost authorization to record programs.

When I called D*, I described the problem to the CSR, was switched to level 2 support, and the downloaded the authorization to my box with no problems.

The download was sent over the satellite, since my phone line is no longer plugged in.
Tried the clear and delete everything with no luck. Called DTv this morning and they tried to activate it again, to no avail. Without any cost they agreed to send a replacement, which they say is another HR10-250. I wonder if they will send a HR20?
I had the same problem with my HR10-250 when I used the Instantcake software. Shows were not getting recorded. I would get the messages "Please Activate your DVR Service" or "Account Closed". When I would call DTV they would re-send the authorization. Everything would work for a few days, then the same problem over again. They said my DVR was going out and they would send me a new HR20....I refused. When I put the original drive back in the unit to test it everything worked fine. I finally broke down and ordered a Weaknees Drive with pre-installed software. Absolutley no problems since...that was 3 months ago.
I really doubt you'll get a HR10-250 as a replacement. Are you going to be locked into a new 2 year commitment when you accept the new DVR?
Only the software for the HR-10-250 gave me the trouble.
I have used the InstantCake software for my Sony 2000, Sony 3000, R-10 and a few single tuner Tivos with no problems.
Good Luck !
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