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Inspector Lynley Mysteries anyone?

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Does anyone else watch this series on PBS? I really like Nathaniel Parker and the whole dynamic between Havers and Lynley. The second episode aired during the week because of The War.
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I also watch this series. I hate his longer hair. He looked more handsome with it cut short. They changed the actress that played his wife Helen. While I like this actress better than the first one, it took me most of the episode to figure out she was his wife and not an old girlfriend.
The other actress was cold, this one is much warmer. A nice counterpart to Lynley's dark moodiness. Although this wife doesn't seem like she would contribute to Lynley's angst. I like the coroner with a quote everytime.
Yeah, I've seen all of the episodes. I'm sad to see that the BBC has cancelled season 7. They've filmed one episode I believe, so who knows if it is going to show up on PBS.

I don't like the new Helen.
Well, I love Elizabeth George so I definitely like this show. I didn't know it was canceled! Too bad.
I have enjoyed the series, but it is probably for the best. IMHO, the show has been slowly running out of steam ever since they ran out of books to adapt.

PBS is currently showing season 5 which has 4 episodes. Hopefully we'll get to see the last two episodes (i.e. season 6) too.
There are still plenty of books. However, the writers have derailed from the storyline of the books with regards to Helen. She died in the books and Tommy is having to get over that. They've only adapted a few of the books, but have left out scores of people that were major characters in the books. There are all sorts of places that the writers could go.
Yup. I like this series a lot, also. I enjoy the Brit mystery/crime dramas that aren't so in-your-face with violence and gore.
I love Lynley, I've recently watched season 6 and I've lost track of which shows were in which season. I totally agree that the new Helen is softer. Season 6 being only two eps was rather odd :(

I really enjoyed Haver's new boss that I think was in Ep1 of Season 5. It was a nice, short, distraction from the norm :)
I have read all the books and I love the series, too. But yes he needs to get a haircut.
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