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Initial Setup - Channel Scan -- Why does Tivo miss so much?

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I guess I'm in a strange situation where recently I find myself house sitting for a long time friend for the next year while he travels about the world. That said, I basically moved into his house with very little goodies of mine, save for a new little LED HD TV, and a ROKU box because I told myself that I was going to stream everything I wanted to watch, completely giving up on cable TV.

Over a month in, and I love the ROKU box (streaming in my Tivo series 3 SUCKS in comparison) but I do find myself missing a a few "regular" cable shows. I decided to just hook the cable feed directly into my Samsung LED TV, and let it "autoscan". It found about 60 to 70 channels in both regular and HD feeds. Some of the channels are numbered like 35-703, and 96-201, etc. But Through the "favorites" button on the remote I saved off the channels I like.

Though in time, I went back to my storage locker to dig out my Original Series 3 Tivo (OLED Display), and wireless adapter in attempts to just record the few shows I truly miss on regular cable and can never seem to find through just "flipping" channels due to time constraints or otherwise.

That said, I plugged my Tivo in, and proceeded through the setup program only to discover that though It gave me about 60-70 channels in the listing --- I can only view about 19 of them. Went to the messages and setup area in the menu and manually browsed through the channels, but they were numbered quite differently than how my TV lists them -- like 25332 and like. I was completely confused and a bit disgusted so I just went back to the cable feed terminated into the TV and abandoned the Tivo.

One evening browsing Amazon.com, I came across a Tivo Premiere (non XL) for 99 bucks. I futz over it for a bit, and let it go. The following evening I was back on Amazon looking for something else, only to find myself back reviewing that Tivo Premiere again for 99 bucks, but that evening it was down to 83 bucks. I decided to buy it figuring if I didnt want it -- I could simply return it.

Now here I sit with a Tivo Premiere, unopened wondering if it's going to feed me the channels I need/want without having to go to this (lame) cable company and asking for a card to this persons account to which I have no knowledge. I'm actually OK with 19 bucks a month, and some of the issues I've heard with respect to the Tivo Premiere.

I guess I'm just happy receiving the channels the TV seems to be able to get/understand, why cannot that Series 3 Tivo (Premiere as well?) feed me those same channels without a cable card. I dont care about paper-view, or pay channels and the like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I wouldn't expect the Premiere to be any different on this issue than what you already have. Per my understanding either a TiVo (Series 3 or 4) without CableCARD(s), or a TV with digital tuner (e.g., your Samsung) without a Set-top Box, should only be able to receive analog(SD) and local digital channels. via a cable service. Why the different numbers? I don't know.
S3 and Premiere units can receive the clearQAM signals provided by the providers, but they do not have the ability to map them to channels without the CableCARD, in fact that's one of its primary functions, channel mapping. This is a business choice Tivo made, not a technical limitation.

If you want to read up on the bazillion previous discussions on the subject, ClearQAM is the phrase to use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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