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I finally got past the guided setup loop on a Series 4 that I picked up today.

I went through setup about 7 times with my zipcode and with 00000 the version stayed at 20.4.5c-01-2-846.
On the "Getting Setup Info" screen, after download, the Tivo would reboot. And never get to "Disconnecting" and "Loading Info". It just went black and started over.

Here's what I did to get past that...
I changed internet to a static address without DHCP. I'm not sure if this had anything to with it working.

I changed my country to Canada and filled zipcode with all zeroes, lots of them. It went through the cycle and rebooted.

This time I changed my country back to USA and set the zipcode to 00001. Now it didn't reboot after downloading. It made it to the "Loading Info" and counted up to 100%.

It displayed "(pending restart)" and "Press SELECT to continue"
After rebooting "Installing an update...This will take a few minutes."
It took about 2 hours and came to the country screen. I checked the version with INFO button, now at 20.7.4d.
I entered my correct zipcode and it updated for about 20 minutes. Everything is working now
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