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In Justice 1/6/2006 (S01E02) "Pilot"

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I still haven't seen the first episode since I forgot to grab a season pass for the show early enough. From this episode, though, I really enjoy this premise. The airwaves are full of shows where we're putting criminals away. It's a nice change to have one where we set innocent people free. ;)

I definitely enjoy the small amounts of humor they throw in here and there as well, such as the tit-for-tat that went on between David Swain and the FBI Agent with the FBI Watch List vs. Internal Affairs and the body cavity search.
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Good show to me also. Kind of weird that they showed a ep. and then the pilot for the series. I hope they give more character back ground soon.
I saw the "pre" season premiere and enjoyed it... watching the the premiere now. I love Kyle McLachlan, but the rest of the cast is good. I love the gal who was on "Good Morning, Miami". Took me half the first ep to figure out who she was. :up:

I think ABC messed up with playing another ep before the premiere - it' makes more sense with the season opener.
I watched the pilot last night and I'm a fan. First hour set up lots of possible sources of tension for subplots -- Conti's jealousy of Swayne's fame; Brianna and the arrogant associate's hateful relationship that may nevertheless end up with them in the sack; David's corporate clients vs. the innocent appellants....

This is the only lawyer show I'm watching now and it's SO different from the rest for the reason cited above: using evidence not to nail a perp but to set him free which is MUCH harder.

I didn't see any episode before this one, so I'm untainted by this "didn't play the pilot first" talk.
I enjoyed it, as I enjoyed the 'first' episode. The ending was pretty powerful, it was good to see Conti becoming emotional when the family was reunited. However, I am becoming more and more irritated by Jon (Daniel Cosgrove - the arrogant guy from Van Wilder). I was almost hoping the owner of the rims shop was going to come after him with a gun. Still, a good show, and I'm still enjoying the interaction between Conti and Swain. McLachlan is playing the part well, and I'm not a fan of his other work, for the most part. I like it how he is completely honest about why he is doing this, at least initially: He wants to become Attorney General. We'll see if he can continue to keep himself unattached from the clients.
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