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Since getting my new HDTV I have been quite disappointed with my Tivo. I think it may be how I have it configured.

How can I make this better in two ways: video is far worse when going to tivo instead of comcast dvr for SD; and sound is two channel only out of S2 Tivo.

I am comcast cable, comcast digital box, series 2 tivo, comcast hd dvr, sony hd plasma. Current cofiguration:

Wall --> Split --> Comcast DVR -- > Component --> TV
| Audio for DVR--> Digital Coax Audio --> Receiver
L--> Comcast Digital Box -- > Coax --> S2 Tivo --> Svideo --> TV
Audio for Tivo--> composite audio
My receiver can also 'upconvert' composite and svideo to component (not sure what it means, but thought I would throw it in the mix).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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