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Can someone please give me a strait forward not using smart people words or abbreviations or anything that i should know if i was smart because i'm not.

I have DirecTV, I do not have a landline phone, I have a DirecTV DVR with Tivo, and i have cable internet, am I just screwed or can i never record anything. Because DirecTV tells me there is nothing i can do, i should just return my Tivo because without a landline it is useless. PLease someone tell me what to do.

I want to record OPRAH!!!! Help

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First of all, take a deep breath.

Now what model TiVo do you have? I know it's a DirecTV DVR, but exactly which model?

Anyway, to get you started. You need to do an initial install with a landline. Take it to a neighbor and run through guided setup. You don't need to have it connected to the satellite to do this. Then take it home and record Oprah. You will get nag screens about not calling in but it will work just fine.

Also, for more info about DirecTV DVRs head on over to the DirecTV DVR with TiVo forum.

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Once you do the guided setup with the telephone line connected, call DirecTV and have them activate your Tivo service if it has not been done already.

There should be a way to have the call made through your internet connection. I have read that others have set it up. I do not know how to tell you but you might want to do a search in the Help Center, the Upgrade Center and the Tivo Underground.
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