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How about a premium member service? For instance, maybe something like $10-15/year? Increase your PM storage and add in just a slightly longer sig limit for paying for such a service?

Just a thought...

- Ed

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Sorry to say I have no way to control the signature size for each user group type nor the posting timer. These are all site wide settings. (BTW...the sig is now 200 charactors vs the 150. Has been for some time.) I also just now dropped the PM timer to 20 seconds.

I can control PM amounts, forums areas (like hidden areas), a real time chat room (I am looking to maybe add that.), Avatar size, and a few other things. (Not sure why the avatar size.)

Have not considered the club area idea based on some of the issues we have had. I do run a AVS Club on AVS Forum that has done very well.

BTW...Are you aware you can download all your PM's to free up space?

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Lori said:
We used to be able to email PMs to ourself. Whatever happened to that feature?
That was an installed hack in the last version; the current version had various download capabilities and I suppose that made the need for the email hack unnecessary or that the email hack wasn't available yet for the new version.

It's annoying to do, but downloading the TXT file version and then emailing it to myself lets me put the PM's with my other emailed PM's. So it's an easy workaround, I guess.

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David Bott said:
(Not sure why the avatar size.)
While the extra pixels might add up to a large chunck of space on the server when a few thousand slightly larger pictures started being updated, avatars that were 80x80 or even larger, it would definately make everyone's face clearer and more recognizable. Reconizability is one of the reasons for the TC face avatars.

Here, look.




and here's how that would look at 65x65

See, these small avatars loose all their detail as you shrink them.
Here's the original.


This especially helps when the picture is not a close-up head shot, like bust shot or a standing photo.
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