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I rarely now use Tivo for pre-recorded shows & live tv. I love Tivo, but as for an all in one box, no way. My Android box has more to offer with using APK apps for TV, movies & sports. Plus since I'm already on the Android box I end up using it for Youtube, instead of using Tivo's Youtube.
Is there an Android Emulator for ex: Nox player or Blue Stacker that has been developed for Tivo? I'm running Nox player on my PC & can run any android app I want. If Tivo had something similar then I would be able to ditch the Android Box for Tivo as my all in one. I just thought if Tivo did have an emulator then they could kill the Android box, Amazon Firesticks/Fire TV boxes, Ruku, OTA boxes & all other all in one's sold.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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