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I think I might of figured a great use for Series 2 Tivo units

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I dont know if there is a thread on this someone else, but I just got plain tired of my Series 3 and the Tuner and cable card having issues. Just the fact I cant use all the functions of the cable I piuad for bothered me so I cancelled my HD and reactivated my series 2. While I was setting it up, I went to this site - unable to post it:mad:
and noticed it said if you want to hook this up to a VCR use the second set of outs - (video left right) What is our Tivo,? it is a VCR in some regards so I hooked it up as a VCR and on the Tivo site it says it has to have the coaxial splitter, to both the box and tivo. My outs on my Cable box are hooked as HDMI and my out on my series 2 is S cable and right left. Now On setup, I said cable no box. So On my Tivo, I now have all the channels, as seen through my cable box, with the exception of some of the digial channles. So I called Tivo and they said, oh you have to change the setting to cable box, to see everything. Well as we all know, that then requires the cable box to change channels to record and that would defeat the point. As it sits now, I can watch and record almost all my channels and I can use the cable box remote and use all the features of cable. My question to Tivo was, why do I have to set it up using the cable box and a IR or serial feed? Its working fine , but I want to see everything. the limits of the setup is the cause. If Tivo allowed a scan to be performed from the VIDEO in feed and not just the cable, this would work. So I thought, maybe I can use the HD box? no such luck, the HD does not have video, right left inputs, only outputs.

So Tivo, with all its wisom, only needed to figure out a way to get the programing into the Tivo box and use only the video feed and not the coaxial or RF. Also had they put in a Video, right , left input in series 3 HD I might be able to get that to work. How many people would still be loyal Tivo customers, had they had done either or both of these, instead of the primere only offering.

thanks for the long read, I am going to use it like this for now, but if anyone knows how to by pass the setup , for a cable box and not have to use the cable box to switch channels, as mine switches fine, just will not set the channel to record ...........awwww
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Ask the cable company for a Digital Tuning Adapter (DTA). A DTA is a stripped down cable box that the cable company should provide to you for free. You will need the IR cable for your Tivo to change the channels on the DTA. Run the coax from the wall splitter to the DTA and then composite to your Tivo. Then rerun guided setup and indicate you have a cable box.
Had a lot of difficulty following that, but apparently you're using your Series 2 to tune in whatever analog channels your cable company still carries, just the same as everyone else who is currently using a Series 2 and cable.

The Series 2 only has an analog tuner, or 2 of them in the dual tuner units, and will never, by themselves, be able to tune the digital channels, no matter what kind of software you put on them. They just don't have the hardware.
all I see you gained is putting a 30 minute live buffer in front of the Cable box and that buffer is only SD considering the outputs used.
What benefit is this supposed to bring?
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