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I just want it to work!

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I am so frustrated. I really don't want to turn into one of those bitter TiVo bashers, driven to a furious, cursing frenzy by the difficulties associated with adding my beloved TiVo to my wireless network without a land line.

My daughter has taken the unit to work with her 4 times now. We signed up for the software update priority list, which was to be available 3 days after. On the 4th day, she took it to work again, and still didn't get the update. I had her repeat Guided Setup as recommended here, and it still didn't update after that. I currently have software version 5.3a-01-2-590.

I was going to try hooking it up to my wireless network with a 802.1b adapter, but I can't find one anywhere. I can't use the unit until I am able to hook it up to my network, and can't hook it up to my network until I have an update. There's not even an option in my menus to connect to a network.

Is there some way for me to get this update? Is there a place I can send the unit to get the software? I just want my TiVo back. This cable PVR is very sucky.
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I can't help you with the updating of your software, but I can give you a suggestion as to where you can find a wireless adapter that actually works with Tivo! Try EBAY. That's where I finally found my wireless adapter. When I found mine a couple weeks ago, there were probably 30 or so for sale (Netgear).

Hope This Helps some.
One thing you could do for the wireless USB is order the new TiVo wireless G USB network adapter which also supports 802.11b.

Although this is probably not the cheapest option, but at least you know it will work (once you get the software updated).
1. Make sure your Tivo has completed the initial service connection. It can take a long time. I think it may go back to the menu but still dialed in downloading.

2. Make sure the wireless adapter is support. Check the list carefully. Some adapters only have certain versions that work.

3. If your Tivo doesn't show any options for networking under setup, then either the initial download didn't complete or you don't have a supported adapter.
Okay, so the menu won't show an option to edit network settings until you actually plug the adapter in? I was worried that I couldn't use even a b adapter since the option isn't listed.
I finally got a wireless-b adapter from ebay-a D-Link DWL-122. I'm getting ready to hook it up to my network.

I'm at the 'Wireless setting' part of TiVo, and it seems to only have options for WEP. I have WPA on my network. Do I need to change this to connect the TiVo?

Will I be able to change it back to WPA once I have the newer TiVo software? If not, is WEP very secure?

Thanks for all your help so far, and any you can offer now. I honestly have no idea how anyone would hook TiVo up without this forum. :D
TiVo does not support WPA, only WEP. WEP is not really all that secure, but it's all we got using TiVo.

The only way you can use a TiVo with WPA is to buy an AP and connect that to the TiVo using a wired ethernet connection (connected to the TiVo's USB port).
Thanks so much. I'll just switch it to WEP.
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