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from a 30 Gig to a 120 Gig. This process went great. I have taken the drive out, put it back in the TiVo and the system works fine. Now I want to do some more hacks like TiVoWeb and FTP. So I take the drive and put it back in the pc. I have the new 120g drive on hdb, jumpered to slave. I use PTVUpgrade's boot CD and/or MFSTools 2.0 CD. This is where I hit a snag. I cannot mount the hdb4, hdb7, or hdb9 drives.

Using the following commands:

PTVupgrade /# mkdir /mnt4
PTVupgrade /# mkdir /mnt7
PTVupgrade /# mkdir /mnt9
and when trying to mount the drives this is the sequence:

PTVupgrade /# mount /dev/hdb4 /mnt4
/dev/hdb4: Success
mount: you must specify the filesystem
And, of course I cannot access the mounts (I cannot see any files and folders when doing an ls on them)

Any suggestions?

Thank You,

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