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TiVo customer service advised me that my Bolt only came with a 90-day warranty.
It's 90 day parts and labor and then 1 year parts-only (I think "Labor" is $49.). Also, note that if you are paying monthly or annually then you have Continual Care which means $49 replacements as long as you continue to pay for service (not applicable to lifetime/All-in).


For example, I can no longer thumbs-down TiVo suggestions.
If your old Bolt was running TE4 also, this would have been true for it as well with one of the software updates. You could downgrade to TE3 but will lose all shows unless you offload them to another TiVo or PC.

Worse, though, is that the TiVo now goes to "sleep" on me when I'm not using it.
You can turn power-saving off.

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